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hayley atwell is my queen of everything.
i love marvel and hayley atwell is my queen. jennifer morrison is my savior.

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The picture she holds in her desk is one of him as early Steve – skinny Steve.  And you get a sense that she loved that; she loved his spirit, and his heart, and his character. (…) Because it wasn’t just that he became a superhero and then she was attracted to him, it was something far more interesting.

- Hayley Atwell on the relationship between Steve and Peggy.

Gentlemen, I’m AGENT CARTER.


My real self, the self I have always been from a child, is a loner and nerd, slightly overweight, with a very heavy fringe. That is who I was as a kid. I don’t think I will ever be anything other than that.

Documenting trips makes them that much richer. I stick in train tickets and business cards from restaurants. It makes the whole experience poetic, describing the sights, smells and sounds around me. It means I can relive the holiday years later.

The beautiful @HayleyAtwell meets fans and signs autographs at #SDCC. #AgentCarter

The beautiful @HayleyAtwell meets fans and signs autographs at #SDCC. #AgentCarter

Agent Carter & AOS Comic-Con poster (x)
Agent Carter & AOS Comic-Con poster (x)

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